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In Game Betting – 1st Quarter Scoring

In Game Betting – 1st Quarter Scoring

Rank Team 2013 Last 3 Last 1 Home Away 2012 1 Kansas City 7.9 10.3 10.0 5.1 10.3 2.6 2 Denver 7.8 8.0 3.0 8.5 6.9 4.7 3 Chicago 6.0 2.3 7.0 6.1 5.9 5.8 4 San Francisco 5.9 5.0 3.0 6.1 5.7 3.5 5 Dallas 5.7 6.7 0.0 7.1 4.2 2.2 6 Oakland 5.6(…)

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  • GamCrowd, a new social platform for this to take place has recently just launched and been developed for start-up companies who need help with investors, start-ups and industry expertise for the gambling sector.

  • Financing options include:

    • Financing for middle-market, corporate, and Native American enterprises
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    • Mergers and acquisitions
    • Risk management
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    • Equity investments for high-risk and start-up gaming opportunities
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    Full disclosure. I worked for First Interstate Bank of Nevada when Wells Fargo bought it. To this day I will have nothing to do with this company.

College Football

Texas College Football Betting Preview

Texas College Football Betting Preview

Texas College Football Betting Preview First-year University of Texas football coach Charlie Strong, has had a full share of problems before coaching his first game with the Longhorns. He has been forced to dismiss an alarming eight players from the team since becoming the coach. Most recently safety Josh Turner, running back Jalen Overstreet, defensive(…)

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Texas A&M College Football Betting Preview

Texas A&M College Football Betting Preview

Texas A&M College Football Betting Preview   In 2014, College Park heads into a new era of college football. For the Aggies football program, A.M. doesn’t stand for Agricultural and Mechanical, but “After Manziel.” It has been nothing short of a media circus during the two seasons of Manziel madness. Head coach Kevin Sumlin is(…)

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